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Last Updated: Sunday, 6 February 2005  

I've had a few request
asking me what I use to take
all my photos, find out here.

The Scrapbook
The Scrapbook

     A growing, rather large, almost uncensored gallery of photos I've recently taken.

NEW old photos added




The Baby Page


Finally got up to the North Island with Monique, to see where she grew up!


Lisa and Shamus' Wedding. Starring Monique and Cherri as Bridesmaids


Jarrod Carson , racing around on his Kart.


A Super quick weekend trip to Canada, Shannon and Thomas' Wedding


Blair's Flat warming Party: Pimps and Hoes


Scott and Stacy's Wedding.

Part II







London, a collage




One Week in Morocco.

Fascinating Place,
Wonderful People 


Two visits, July and



turned 24 in 2002.

A great friend of mine,
who is always fun to 
live with


The Paris Trip, June 2001. 
Mainly a trip about seeing 
but also an excuse to visit 


A Visit with the Moore's
from Canada to
Greenwich Village





Jodie's Big Birthday 
Celebration, in Iceland




Odd bits and pieces: Monique, Jarrod, Mum, Fran, Nads, Pip, Chels & Lisa


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